Help for troubleshooting in Zoom

1. I cannot join a Zoom meeting.

  1. Download the Zoom app to your computer from the Zoom Download Center. Then click the Zoom meeting link and follow the instructions on the screen that guide you to open the meeting in the Zoom app.
  2. Restart your computer and try to join the Zoom meeting by clicking the Zoom link you received. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. If, for some reason, you cannot download the Zoom app and you are joining the Zoom meeting through a browser, update the browser you are using or switch to a different browser. Recommended browsers include Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. If joining through the Zoom app on your computer or browser is not successful, download the Zoom app to your mobile device from the app store and try to join the meeting with it.
  5. Check if you are in the meeting waiting room, where the meeting host will admit you to the meeting. Usually, you see the text The host will let you in soon in the waiting room. Wait patiently until you are allowed into the main meeting room.

2. I cannot hear others in the meeting or others cannot hear me.

  1. If your computer microphone and speakers are not connected to Zoom at all, or if the audio test is not completed, you will see Join Audio instead of the microphone icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the Zoom application.
  2. Click Join Audio. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the Zoom audio test Test Speaker and Microphone.
  3. If the microphone icon is visible in the bottom left-hand corner but the audio is not working, click the arrow next to the microphone icon, select Test Speaker & Microphone, and complete the audio test.
  4. By clicking the arrow next to the microphone icon, you can also see which speaker and microphone are in use in Zoom and switch them if necessary.
  5. If you are using wireless/wired headphones, make sure they are selected.
  6. If the headphones are selected but you cannot hear through them, reconnect the headphones to the computer. It is advisable to connect the headphones to the computer before starting to join the Zoom meeting.
  7. Check that your computer speakers are not muted. For example, try listening to a YouTube video. Can you hear the sounds normally?
  8. Make sure that no other applications, especially those related to listening to music, are active on your computer, and reserving the speakers. Close other applications before joining the Zoom meeting.
  9. Sometimes you may need to leave the meeting and join again to make the audio work. Always complete Zoom audio test Test Speaker & Microphone, when joining a meeting.
  10. You may need to restart your computer and then join the meeting.

3. Audio is choppy, distorted, or echoing.

  1. Use a wired internet connection if possible.
  2. Turn off your own webcam feed.
  3. Ask participants to mute their microphones when not speaking.

4. I have not used Zoom desktop app for a long time, or the app seems to be working inconsistently.

Zoom usually suggests updating the desktop app automatically when you open the app. You can also check for updates manually.

  1. Open the Zoom app on your computer and log in if necessary using SSO.
  2. Click your profile picture and select Check for Updates from the menu that appears.