Username and password

All Jamk students and employees have a personal network ID (i.e. username) available to them. The rights of a user ID to various services and its period of validity are determined in accordance with the individual requirements.

The user ID is required when computers at the University of Applied Sciences are used: when a user logs on to the network, e-mail and other Jamk services.. With user ID, users can log onto a computer anywhere at Jamk (although there are a few exceptions). Unix systems are also in use at Jamk, and generally speaking the same network ID is used to log into these as elsewhere.

For staff, the ID is valid in accordance with the employment contract. When the employment contract ends, the ID is locked and it is deleted after a period of a few weeks.

For students, the user ID remains valid for the period of study, after which it is automatically locked. The user’s network ID, mail box and home directory, along with their contents, are permanently removed after a period of around two weeks. If a student registers as absent for a period of time, the user ID can be deactivated for that period.

Usage Policy

In the network user regulations, Usage policy, the rights and responsibilities of users are specified. Every student undertakes to comply with the regulations and take care of matters relating to general data security, for their part, when they accept a student place. If a user is guilty of misuse of the data systems, his/her usage rights may be removed.

FUNET (Finnish University and research NETwork) is the joint telecommunications network of the Finnish colleges and research institutes. Jamk is a FUNET customer organisation, so we are not only affected by Jamk’s own user regulations but also by FUNET’s regulations.