Login problems?

This article describes common problems when logging into Jamk ICT systems and suggestions how to fix them.

Invalid username / account locked

In Jamk, almost all information systems are logged in with a username that is the same as an email address.

Use correct username. You can find the email address formats for different account types here. If your ID is really locked, and it shouldn’t be, contact Helpdesk.

Wrong password

The password may have been forgotten and sometimes also the password that has previously worked without problems may be corrupted.

Change your password and very that it meets all requirements. You can read instructions and password requirements from here.

Previous login with another username causes problems

In Jamk, most ICT systems use Microsoft’s global login service. The same method is used in many other organizations. It is not possible to log in with two different credentials using the same login service at the same time, so your previous login may cause a conflict.

Log out of the previous service and clear your browser cache, restart it and then try again. Alternatively, you can try to use browser’s private/incognito mode with another service.

The ICT system I try to use does not respond

Some ICT systems in Jamk are only available using campus workstations.

Use the service via remote work connection, or from a workstation located on the intranet at campus area. It is also possible that there is a fault in the system that can only be fixed by waiting for the experts to fix it.

Strong authentication does not work

In Jamk, almost all ICT systems require strong identification (aka multifactor authentication). If it doesn’t work with your account or mobile device, you can’t log in.

First, check other possible error situations according to the previous list. If needed, you can reset the strong authentication settings of your account by following these instructions.