Group self-selection activity

The Group self-selection activity saves teacher working time because the teacher does not need to create the groups and add students to groups manually but students add their groups to Moodle themselves and join groups independently.

NB. If students can choose whether they work in groups or individually, instruct also those students who work individually to create their own groups in the Group self-selection activity. Students cannot submit assignments to the same assignment activity both in groups and as individuals.

1. Create a grouping for your course.

  1. Click Participants below your course name. Choose Groupings in the drop-down menu on the left.
  2. Click Create grouping, name the grouping, for example, according to the assignment where you aim to use the grouping. Save.

2. Add a Group self-selection activity to your course.

  1. Go to the course tab where you want your students to create the groups and join them. A good place is, for example, before the assignment activity where the students will be making a submission in groups.
  2. Click Edit mode on, and click Add activity or resource.
  3. Choose Group self-selection activity and add it to the course.

3. Determine the Group self-selection activity settings.

  1. Give the Group self-selection activity a name and write a description. In the description, you can explain how the students proceed when creating the group (for example, how to name the group). It is also beneficial to plan the instructions on how the students find their group members (for example, in an online meeting or on a discussion forum) before actually using the Group self-selection activity to create the group.
  2. If necessary, you can determine when the activity is open.
  3. Choose the grouping which you want to use for the groups. This is an especially important setting.
  4. Determine the minimum and maximum number of members per group.
  5. Do not change the default setting 1 in Maximum number of groups to participate in.
  6. You do not need to change the default settings in General permissions and Miscellaneous settings.
  7. You can determine Common module settings, restrict access, and activity completion settings.

4. Enable group settings in activities where you want to use groups.

  1. After you have added the Group self-selection activity to the course, you can add activities such as assignments or forums to the course, and enable group submissions.
  2. Assignment activity group submission settings:
    • Students submit in groups: Yes
    • Require group to make submission: Yes
    • Grouping for student groups: Choose the grouping that you created in phase 1 of these instructions.
  3. After students create and join their groups, they can start working on the course according to the group settings that you have determined and, for example, submit their groupwork.

5. Sample instructions to be used in a Group self-selection activity.

Copy the sample instructions below to your own Group Self-selection activity and change the necessary details so that the instructions suit your course:

This is how you register your group members for Moodle. This will enable you to submit your group assignment. Please follow these instructions.

  1. Choose one member of your group who creates your group to Moodle
  2. Choose a name for your group (recommended, for example, all group members’ surnames).

The group member who was chosen to create the group to Moodle will do the following:

  1. Create the group in this activity.  Click the name of this activity. Click Create new group, give the group name and click Save.
  2. Inform your group members that your group has been created.

All other group members

  1. Go and join your own group. Click the name of this activity. Click Become member of next to your group.

After everyone in your group has joined, choose one member of your group who submits your group assignment.