Project Reporting Instructions

During their studies at Jamk University of Applied Sciences, students carry out various written projects, the largest of which is the final year project/bachelor’s or master’s thesis. The objective of written projects is to encourage students to collect, analyse and work up the latest information concerning their field. In addition to increasing the knowledge base of the central topics of each field, writing also serves to increase the communication skills students need in working life.

These instructions apply to the bachelor’s and master’s theses of Jamk University of Applied Sciences, but are also applicable to the preparation of all written assignments throughout students’ course of study. The instructions can be used for the reporting of different projects, for example empirical work, development and art projects. They are also applicable to written works made in other Finnish institutions or in connection with international projects. The first version of Project Reporting Instructions appeared in 1995. The instructions were revised in 2001, and have been updated regularly ever since. During the 2013–14 academic year the instructions were made part of Jamk University of Applied Sciences’ open learning materials.

Thesis templates are available in the Reporting Template section of this guide.