3.2 Use of artificial intelligence in learning assignments and thesis

These instructions are intended for all fields of study at Jamk. The instructions have been prepared by Jamk’s thesis forum.

Basic principle

The learning assignments and thesis follow the same principles of responsibility and ethics as Jamk’s general guidelines.

Use as support intelligence

AI applications can be used to help, for example:

  • choosing a topic and brainstorming important themes, planning the structure of the work and choosing a research method
  • general discussion and guidance on problem areas (“how to proceed…”, “I have the following problem…; what options could there be to solve it” etc.)
  • planning and brainstorming information retrieval [1]
  • to check and translate the spelling and grammar of your own text unless the language is the subject of the assessment.

Copyright and originality

Keep in mind that you are responsible for the content of the text you produce. Make sure that unreferenced thoughts and ideas are your own or generally known. When artificial intelligence is used, for example, to translate text or check spelling, the content of the original text must not change substantially. [2]

AI is not a scientific original source of information. The text it produces is neither correct nor original. Always check the accuracy of the information and refer to the original sources. Remember to follow Jamk’s reporting instructions.

Data protection

Do not enter sensitive, confidential, or privacy-compromising information (name, contact information, date of birth, social security number, student number, etc.) in your conversation with AI. Read the terms of use and privacy statements of the applications.

Description of the use of AI

If you use artificial intelligence in learning assignments or a thesis, its use should be described, for example, in the introductory chapter and, if necessary, in more detail in connection with implementation or reflection. Tell us what AI applications (eg. ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini, DeepL, Grammarly) and how they have been utilised (e.g. to help with information retrieval, brainstorming, grammar checking, translation, visualization). If you are referring to an AI application as software or a conversation you have had with an AI application, use Jamk’s reporting instructions and/or Arene’s instructions.

Sanctions if these instructions are not followed

If shortcomings are detected or fraud is suspected, Jamk will launch a review process to evaluate the use of artificial intelligence.

Further information

Research Integrity (RI) | Finnish National Board on Research Integrity Tenk

Good scientific practice, data protection and research permit (Jamk’s Thesis guide)

[1] Please note that artificial intelligence cannot search for information systematically and the sources it produces may be incorrect. When retrieving information for your thesis, you should use the databases recommended by Jamk Library (finna.fi). For more information, see the info guides.

[2] Tools made to recognize the use of artificial intelligence may think that text is made by artificial intelligence and that it has only been improved (or partially translated) by artificial intelligence. Therefore, the returned work must clearly state which part of the work was made or improved with the help of artificial intelligence.

The instructions prepared by Samk University of Applied Sciences (permission received on April 8, 2024) and Arene’s recommendations to universities of applied sciences (June 12, 2023) on the use of artificial intelligence have been utilised in the preparation of the instructions.