3.1 Plagiarism prevention

Plagiarism prevention helps to determine the extent to which other sources have been utilised in the thesis under review. The inspection does not indicate whether the use of sources as such is appropriate in terms of reference technique. The conclusion and evaluation are always made by the teacher or principal thesis tutor. Turnitin works in Wihi for theses and in connection with the submission of other assignments in both Teams and Moodle environments.

These instructions focus on Wihi, but the same rules apply to Moodle as well. In Moodle, you can check the result of the analysis yourself, unlike in Wihi.

Plagiarism prevention Turnitin Originality – plagiarism checker

Jamk uses the Turnitin Originality plagiarism checker tool. It searches for any similarities with material published on the internet, hundreds of millions of books and the other documents inspected with the system. Turnitin Originality will also recognise a similarity in cases where the text has been edited by adding, removing or altering some of the words.

Final Thesis will be send automatically to the Turnitin Originality checker immediately when it has been uploaded to the Wihi Plagiarism Check field.

Checking text similarity

The completed thesis to be submitted for evaluation will be taken in PDF format to Wihi in the Plagiarism Check field for returning the thesis. It is advisable to agree on the submitting well in advance of the assessment so that you have sufficient time to make the necessary changes based on the feedback received from the principal thesis tutor.

If you want to check the text of your thesis in Turnitin throughout the thesis process, do so in Moodle with a course called ‘Turnitin tarkastus – Turnitin check’. The course is open everyone who is logged in to Moodle using Jamk’s username. Theses returned to this course is not stored in Turnitin’s database, so the final version of the thesis can be returned to Wihi without Turnitin recognizing versions already returned to Moodle.

Plagiarism check in Wihi
Figure 1. Plagiarism check in Wihi

Returning a thesis in Wihi and Turnitin check

When you return your thesis for the first time to a Wihi Plagiarism Check field with Turnitin scanning enabled, you must accept the Turnitin End-User License Agreement (EULA) for comparing similarities. The terms and conditions of use will open upon return and acceptance will be subject to the “I accept Turnitin EULA license agreement” section above the Submit button. A check cannot be performed without acceptance.

EULA licence agreement
Figure 2. EULA licence agreement
EULA accepting
Figure 3. EULA accepting

The file is in the inspection queue overnight. It appears as ‘Being analysed.’

Thesis being analysed
Figure 4. Thesis being analysed

When the check is complete, the text “Analysed” is displayed in the Status section. Only the principal tutor can check the analysis report.