8 Help! – The work is going nowhere

Writing a thesis is not always a walk in the park. There may be times during the thesis writing process when it feels like the work is not going anywhere. It can be difficult to find a suitable topic, delineate it, perceive the research problem, find the literature, set up a research setting, or write fluent text. It is important to note that internalising things takes time and writing the thesis involves work (e.g. reading the source texts, planning the thesis, etc.) that is not immediately reflected in the concrete progress made with the thesis.

It is advisable to read the thesis and reporting instructions carefully.

It is equally important to seek help whenever problems emerge, sooner rather than later. If you feel that you have been left alone with your work, contact your principal thesis tutor. You can also get support for writing the thesis from a study counsellor or study psychologist.

The schools, the Language Centre and the library provide support for writing the thesis

Support for completing the thesis is also available for the degree students in the form of a thesis workshop. The workshops provide you with tips and tricks on how to progress with your thesis. Click the enclosed link for a detailed schedule .

Language Centre

In the text guidance clinic arranged by the language centre, you can discuss issues related to the writing process with a teacher from the language centre. The discussion time can be 30 or 60 minutes and the discussion may take place face-to-face or remotely. The teacher will not read the text beforehand, but, instead, the discussion will be conducted based on the questions you ask. Book an appointment from a separate calendar.

Library’s information-seeking guidance

The library offers open guidance sessions for students working on their theses. An advance registration is required for the guidance sessions.

Accessibility and barrier-free learning

The study counsellor will provide you with support and guidance in your studies, and you will have the opportunity to apply for personal study arrangements to support you in your studies. You can receive individual support for writing your thesis if, for example, you have been diagnosed with dyslexia or your native language is not Finnish. In this case, consult the study counsellor at an early stage of your thesis project. For further information, see the Accessibility and Individual Special Arrangements section of the For Students pages.


Progress of the Bachelor’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)

Progress of the Master’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)