7 Archiving and publishing

In order to apply for a degree certificate, you must have returned

  • the latest version of the thesis and related documents in PDF format to Wihi (see section 4.7.2 Return the thesis)
  • an electronic Theseus copy in either an open or restricted collection (= publishing)
  • the permanent Theseus link to Wihi.

NB: Even if your thesis has not yet been accepted into the Theseus collection at the time of saving, it does not prevent you from applying for a degree certificate. The library staff will approve the theses in Theseus within an average of a week. After that, your work will be in the Theseus collection of your choice.

The version of the thesis must be the one that was evaluated and approved, and it may no longer be changed or corrected. You are responsible for ensuring that the version of the thesis is correct.

Archiving of the thesis

The archiving of the thesis is done by the principal thesis tutor while giving the final evaluation.

The student must publish the thesis according to the instructions.

All theses, complete with appendices, are archived electronically as a single file in the PDF/A format. If your thesis contains confidential appendices, check that the confidentiality entries on the description page are correct. See the instructions in section 1.3 Publicity of the thesis.

Publishing the thesis

All theses are published electronically in the open collection of Theseus or, alternatively, in the restricted collection of Theseus.


NB: Wait for permission from the thesis tutor before publishing your thesis. Be sure to pick up the Theseus link to take to Wihi. See instructions from this page under the heading "Copying and saving the Theseus link to Wihi".

Publishing a thesis in Theseus’s open collection

Theseus is primarily an open publication repository. When you save your thesis in Theseus’s open collection, it will be freely available to anyone on the Internet. You can also easily share the link to your thesis in your preferred ways and channels. When you save your thesis in Theseus’s open collection, on the thesis description page must be “Permission for open access publication: Yes”.

Publishing a thesis in Theseus’s restricted collection

The restricted collection is a closed part of the Theseus publication repository, to which the access is restricted to Jamk’s IP addresses. In practice, the metadata (author, name of the thesis, keywords, summary) of theses stored in both open and restricted collections are visible to everyone online. On the other hand, the PDF files for theses stored in a restricted collection will only open in Jamk’s network. When you save your thesis in Theseus’s restricted collection, on the thesis description page must be “Permission for open access publication: No”.

You cannot store confidential information in neither collection of Theseus, such as confidential attachments.

You must save your material to Theseus during your studies. After graduation, you can no longer save your thesis to Theseus.

File to save

Publish your thesis in PDF/A format. Please note that the name of the file to be downloaded to Theseus will appear as such on the public website. Make the file name so that it shows the authors.

If the work has only one author, name the file: Lastname_Firstname

If the work has more than one author, the file is named as follows: Lastname_Lastname

NB: This naming instruction only applies to naming the file to be saved to Theseus. Naming the work to be returned to Jamk is explained in section 4.7.2 Return the thesis.

Theseus can only store files up to 75 megabytes in size. Contact the Jamk library if your thesis is larger than this or if your thesis has e.g. an external recording as a separate attachment.

Copying and saving the Theseus link to Wihi

When publishing your thesis in Theseus, copy the permanent address of the publication and save it in Wihi. In Theseus, act as follows: When you are publishing your work in Theseus, copy the URN identifier (Figure 1) from the ‘Save publication’ form and add ‘https://urn.fi/’ to the beginning (without the quote marks). Add this link to Wihi by clicking ‘Add’ in the section ‘Add link to published thesis’ (Figure 2). Click ‘Send’ to confirm.

NB: The link given by Theseus only works after the library of Jamk has checked the metadata of the thesis and approved the publication. The handling time is from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. You can still proceed in Wihi and save the link there as instructed.

Permanent address of publication uploaded to Theseus

Figure 1. Permanent address of publication uploaded to Theseus

Add link to published thesis

Figure 2. Adding Theseus link to Wihi


Progress of the Bachelor’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)

Progress of the Master’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)