6 Assessment

Thesis Assessment

The tasks for the final phase of your thesis:

  • Publish your thesis by saving it to Theseus (see 7 Archiving and publication). Note: Wait for permission from the thesis tutor before publishing your thesis.
  • Upload the thesis permanent link to Wihi (see 7 Archiving and publication).

The thesis tutor approves the phase in Wihi when all the related tasks have been completed. You will see the approval of the phase in Wihi as Approved for the phase in question. At the same time, the next phase of the thesis opens up for you.

Note: throughout the thesis process, use Wihi comments field, not e-mail, for communicating with the principal thesis tutor. The tutor will be notified by e-mail of the message you sent in Wihi.

A written thesis is evaluated on the scale of 0–5 based on Jamk’s common assessment criteria. The principal thesis tutor and the 2nd examiner will issue a shared statement and a grade for the thesis.

This statement is based on the thesis assessment criteria and the verbal assessment of the principal thesis tutor and the 2nd examiner. In the statement, they submit both the statement itself and the final grade. Before your grade can be transferred to Peppi, you must publish your work and upload the thesis permanent link to Wihi. Please see the ‘Archiving and publishing’ section for further instructions.

The tutor approves the thesis assessment phase in Wihi. You can then see the assessment and download it in PDF format using the Download assessment (pdf) button (Figure 1).

Downloading an assessment from Wihi
Figure 1. Downloading an assessment from Wihi

Please note that you can see “thesis has been evaluated” as the status in Wihi before you see the assessment. You will only be able to see the assessment once the Thesis evaluation phase has been approved.


If you are dissatisfied with the assessment of your thesis, you may lodge an appeal. An appeal concerning the grade awarded for the thesis must be submitted in writing and addressed to the principal thesis tutor. If the assessors have not reached a unanimous decision on the assessment, the assessment decision is made by the unit’s Bachelor’s thesis work group or Jamk’s Master’s thesis work group. In this case, the request for an assessment review is addressed to the chairperson of the thesis work group.

If you are dissatisfied with the decision of the thesis work group, you can file a request for a revised decision with Jamk’s board of examiners. The request for a revised decision must be filed within 14 days of the date when you received the written decision. The request for a revised decision and its appendices shall be addressed to Jamk’s board of examiners.

You can no longer file a request for a revised decision once you have submitted your degree certificate application or after you have received your degree certificate.

Lodge the appeal against assessment using the form found on the Electronic services page (Electronic applications and forms > Request for assessment review Teacher of Thesis Work Groups).

Assessment criteria

4.4.1 Thesis assessment criteria