4.2.3 Thesis tutoring and peer support

Principal thesis tutor

When your thesis topic proposal has been accepted in Wihi, you will be assigned a principal thesis tutor. The tutor will be responsible for small group and individual guidance throughout your thesis project. The principal thesis tutor serves as a learning process facilitator and supporter in your thesis project. The tutor can use the Peppi system’s ‘Set meeting times’ tool to arrange small group guidance times.

Agree on the starting of your thesis project and a kick-off meeting with your principal thesis tutor. Together with your principal thesis tutor, you will determine a specific schedule for your thesis and agree upon a thesis completion date.

The principal thesis tutor can see your thesis progress in Wihi. At each stage, the principal thesis tutor is required to pinpoint the weakest parts of your thesis and ask you to correct the most notable shortcomings.

The principal thesis tutor has been assigned for guidance and assessment

  • 15 hours/thesis for a bachelor’s thesis and
  • 20 hours/thesis for a master’s thesis.

Prepare for the individual and small group guidance sessions carefully. The questions and the written material to be discussed must be sent to the principal thesis tutor beforehand in the agreed-upon manner.


Be sure to keep the commissioner up-to-date with the progress of the thesis. The working-life representative will also provide content support for the thesis. You can also arrange a joint meeting with the principal thesis tutor and the commissioner.

Peer support

As a peer student, you will participate in the discussions at small group meetings on an equal basis and be prepared to learn from others and share your own insights. You will prepare for small group meetings by familiarising yourself with the material that will be discussed at the meeting. For this purpose, you will need to send advance material to the peers concerned as agreed with the principal thesis tutor.

The objective of student peer guidance is to learn and develop expertise. In this context, you will develop your ability to give and receive critical and constructive feedback in particular.

The schools, the Language Centre and the library provide support for writing the thesis

Support for completing the thesis is also available for the degree students in the form of a thesis workshop. The workshops provide you with tips and tricks on how to progress with your thesis. Click the enclosed link for a detailed schedule .

Accessibility and Barrier-free Learning

The study counsellor will provide you with support and guidance in your studies, and you will have the opportunity to apply for personal study arrangements to support you in your studies. You can receive individual support for writing your thesis if, for example, you have been diagnosed with dyslexia or your native language is not Finnish. In this case, consult the study counsellor at an early stage of your thesis project. For further information, see the Accessibility and Individual Special Arrangements section of the For Students pages.