4.7.4 Self-assessment

Thesis self-assessment is critical reflection of your own learning. Self-assessment allows you to reflect upon yourself as a learner, while evaluating the objectives you have set for the thesis, their attainment and potential areas for development. Assess your thesis with the help of the self-assessment form.

If the thesis has two or more authors, each will make a separate self-assessment that contains personal reflection.


Return the signed self-assessment at the same time when you return your actual thesis for evaluation. The self-assessment is returned to Wihi Files function in PDF format as a single file (see figure).

Returning self-assessment to Wihi Files function
Figure 1. Returning self-assessment to Wihi

The file must be named as follows:

Selfassessment_Surename_Firstname_ Groupcode

Selfassessment_Surename_Firstname_ Groupcode_ Surename_Firstname_ Groupcode


Thesis Self Assessment (DOCX)