4.2.1 Adding thesis courses to your PLP

Before you start your thesis, you may to add thesis and maturity test courses to your PLP to ensure that the completion entries from Wihi are transferred to the right spot on the personal learning plan (PLP). You do not need to register for the implementation of the thesis or the maturity test, as the thesis will always begin with submitting a topic proposal in Wihi.

NOTE: Students starting in the autumn 2021 and later can find these courses automatically on their personal learning plan (PLP).

Adding courses are the following:

Bachelor’s degree

  • Bachelor’s Thesis, Planning, 3 cr ZZ00BL91 – Finnish and English
  • Bachelor’s Thesis, Implementation, 6 cr ZZ00BL92 – Finnish and English
  • Bachelor’s Thesis, Reporting and Assessment, 4 cr ZZ00BL93 – Finnish and English
  • Maturity Test, Bachelor’s Degree, 0 cr ZZOA0220 – Finnish and English

Master’s degree

  • Master’s Thesis, Planning, 7 cr YZ00BL94 – Finnish and English
  • Master’s Thesis, Implementation, 10 cr YZ00BL95 – Finnish and English
  • Master’s Thesis, Reporting, 10 cr YZ00BL96 – Finnish and English
  • Maturity Test, Master’s Degree, 0 cr YZ00BB05 – Finnish and English

The student needs to also include in his/her PLP the following thesis-related courses whose implementation the student has to register for:

  • Bachelor’s degree: Bachelor’s Thesis, Thesis Writing, 2 cr ZZ00BL97 – Finnish and English
  • Master’s degree: Master’s Thesis, Research Writing, 3 cr YZ00BL98 – Finnish and English

Instructions for adding courses to your personal learning plan (PLP) can be found in these videos: