4.6 Thesis implementation – Phase 2 (Two thirds of thesis completed)

This phase relates to the following courses:

  • Bachelor’s Thesis, Implementation, 6 cr ZZ00BL92
  • Master’s Thesis, Implementation, 10 cr YZ00BL95

Create and complete the following tasks in Wihi

  • Complete the theory basis for the thesis and the methodology description.
  • Present your methodology description in the seminar or the small group arranged by your principal thesis tutor.
  • Carry out the practical implementation of the thesis according to your plan.
  • If necessary, make an appointment with the Language Center clinic for problems with the thesis writing.
  • Participate in the individual guidance.

The thesis tutor approves the phase in Wihi when all the related tasks have been completed. You will see the approval of the phase in Wihi as Approved for the phase in question. At the same time, the next phase of the thesis opens up for you.

Note: throughout the thesis process, use Wihi comments field, not e-mail, for communicating with the principal thesis tutor. The tutor will be notified by e-mail of the message you sent in Wihi.

Once your thesis plan has been accepted and you have written the 3–5 page theory section, you will start the practical implementation of the thesis according to your plan.

Completing the thesis requires independent work, which is supported by group counselling sessions held during the course. The implementation stage will continue under the direction of the same principal tutor until completion. Cooperation with the prospective commissioner is also important at this stage.

Spend time on recording the results of your work and reflecting on their significance. The results are described as they are, but you should try to find an explanation for them and determine their significance in the reflection by using the contents of the knowledge base. You will continue with the deepening of the knowledge base and acquire and analyse the material and research data collected for your thesis.

The thesis implementation phase

In the thesis implementation phase, you will:

  • expand and deepen the knowledge base and method section of the thesis;
  • carry out a research or development assignment;
  • acquire and analyse research or development data;
  • present the results or outputs; and
  • evaluate and consider the results or outputs of your work in a written report.

You will start writing the first draft of your thesis. Check that the different parts of your thesis are consistent and that the thesis structure is balanced and complies with Jamk’s reporting instructions.

Seek guidance at critical points. You will need the principal thesis tutor’s help in this stage in particular.


Progress of the Bachelor’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)

Progress of the Master’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)