3 Commissioner and thesis topic

Be active and look for topics by yourself! The objective is that all theses are made in the form of assignments for working life or projects.

Many bachelor’s degree students find a thesis topic during their practical training. You should consider potential thesis topics during your practical training and offer them to the company or organisation in which you are completing your practical training.

A master’s degree student can find an idea for a thesis topic in their own workplace or in an RDI project. Discuss your idea for a master’s thesis topic with your employer or other commissioner.

Familiarise yourself with the previously completed theses

Familiarise yourself with the previously completed theses in Theseus and read the previous studies published on the subject area. Also keep an eye on the ELMO intranet thesis page, where you will fill theses-related news of current interest.


A written agreement on thesis cooperation is always concluded between the authors, the commissioner and Jamk. The agreement will only be concluded when you have an approved topic proposal and have presented your thesis plan. See section 4.4.3 Agreements for more detailed instructions.


Thesis Agreement (DOCX)

Appendix_1_Confidentiality Agreement on Thesis Appendices (DOCX)

Progress of the Bachelor’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)

Progress of the Master’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)