1.3 Publicity of the thesis

The thesis prepared by a student at Jamk is public and must be open for evaluation. A thesis that is completely secret cannot be prepared at Jamk. Publicity guarantees the objective and equal assessment of theses. Everyone has the right to be informed of a public document. You are required to comply with good scientific practice throughout your thesis project. This applies to all theses prepared at Jamk.

Confidentiality agreement on thesis appendices

If the thesis contains confidential information, it must be left in the appendices as background material. In this case, a confidentiality agreement on thesis appendices will be drawn up as an appendix to the thesis.

A legal basis must exist for the confidentiality of the appendix. If the basis of confidentiality for the appendices of the thesis is unclear, Jamk’s representatives will discuss the matter with the commissioner of the thesis. In the discussions, the principles governing the publicity of the thesis and the legal principles concerning its confidential part must be clearly substantiated.

Term of confidentiality of the appendices

The term of confidentiality of the appendices is normally 2 years, but not more than 25 years. Confidentiality may only be longer than this if special legislation so requires. The term of confidentiality may not in any event be agreed upon to be permanent or indefinite.

The term of confidentiality is calculated starting from the date on which the thesis is submitted for evaluation by the thesis work group.

For example, if you submit your thesis for evaluation on 23 May 2020 and the appendices are defined as confidential for five (5) years, the term of confidentiality will expire on 24 May 2025.

Marking of data

An indication of the confidentiality of the appendices must be clearly marked on the description page under Other information. The indication must also be marked in the appendix of the thesis that is to be kept confidential.

If a confidential part or personal data is to be removed from a public thesis, the text must be re-moved entirely, not just covered! Covering or blacking-out of data in a PDF file is not sufficient for making the data secret. Neither may the file be locked with a password.

Description page, ‘Other information’ section

Appendices 1, 4 and 7 are confidential and removed from the public thesis. The basis for secrecy is section 24(17) of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999), a company’s business or trade secret. The period of secrecy is five (5) years, the secrecy will end on 18 May 2022.

Marking of data in an appendix

An appendix that is to be kept secret must be marked with the indication (secret) under the title of the appendix.

Appendix 1. Description of a kick sledge rocket engine (secret)


Thesis Agreement (DOCX)

Appendix_1_Confidentiality Agreement on Thesis Appendices (DOCX)