4.5 Thesis writing (Bachelor’s thesis) 2 cr – Research Writing (Master’s thesis) 3 cr

  • Before participating in the course, you should familiarise yourself with your source material and write the 3–5 page theory basis for your thesis.
  • Enrol in your chosen Thesis writing (bachelor’s thesis) or Research writing (master’s thesis) implementation in Peppi.

The ‘Thesis’ course includes Thesis writing (bachelor’s thesis) and Research writing (master’s thesis) as partial completions. They are intended to help students to write the knowledge base for their thesis. In particular, the courses discuss different ways to use sources and summarise the sources used. Both courses are offered by the Language Centre.

Participate in the implementation that best suits your thesis writing schedule. You will be writing your own knowledge base during the implementation, so before participating in the implementation, you must have already familiarised yourself with the sources and written 3 –5 pages of text.

  • Bachelor’s degree students will have plenty of different implementation options to choose from during the academic year.
  • Separate implementations will be offered for master’s degree students.

Enrolment for each implementation opens in Peppi about a month before the start of the implementation. This is to ensure that the participation is timely in relation to the thesis process.


Progress of the Bachelor’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)

Progress of the Master’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)