5.2 Assessment of the maturity test

The maturity test is a statutory demonstration of the professional maturity and excellent writing skills in the Finnish language of the person completing a post-secondary degree. The factual content of a maturity test for a bachelor’s degree is reviewed by the thesis tutor, and the language is checked by a teacher of the language in which the maturity test is written, who has been appointed by the Language Centre for the unit. You can find the name of the language consultant in Elmo intranet under Kielten opiskelu (Study of languages).

The maturity test is assessed on the scale of pass or fail. Note: To pass the test, the length must be 3000–3500 characters. Things assessed in the text:

The text is assessed in the following areas:

  1. Content: comprehensibility of the bulletin, key results of the thesis and its usefulness to the field, and competent treatment
  2. Language: independence of the text (the content of the bulletin is understandable even if the reader has not read the thesis), consistency of the treatment (the structure of a bulletin), formal style and understandable language and spelling.

The maturity test is failed if the title is missing or the text is written in ‘I’ form.

The instructions for assessment the maturity test for a master’s degree are provided separately.