4.7.3 Thesis presentation

In the oral reporting or thesis presentation, you demonstrate and affirm your expertise. You should choose the most relevant part of your thesis for your presentation.

Prepare carefully for the oral presentation

The completed thesis will be publicly presented at an event specified by the commissioner, or at a group meeting or seminar specified by the principal thesis tutor, where the principal thesis tutor must be present. Contact your principal thesis tutor to agree on the details.

Prepare carefully for the oral presentation of your thesis. The time reserved for the presentation is about 15–20 minutes, followed by about 10 minutes for discussion, comments and questions.

Prepare a concise presentation that you can supplement with illustrative material. Learn in advance how to use technical illustration devices.

As the presenter, you activate your listeners by, for example, asking questions, giving examples, or asking for comments. As a presenter, you address the audience. So be prepared to answer questions.

  • an interesting start;
  • a structured and well-chosen main content; and
  • A closing (conclusions or summary).