9 Wihi instructions

Log in to Wihi at the address you can find in the Links section of this page.

The student’s initial view in Wihi will open for you. If you have several study entitlements, select the study entitlement for which you are doing your thesis on the right side of the view (Figure 1).

Student changes study entitlement

Figure 1. Selecting the study entitlement

You can make it easier to achieve the different phases of the thesis in Wihi by creating the tasks defined in thesis instructions in connection with each phase. The tasks belonging to the different phases are described in more detail in sections 4.3.-4.7.

Creating a task in Wihi

Go to the ‘Tasks’ function and click the Create task button to create a task (Figure 2).

Create task button in Wihi

Figure 2. ‘Create task’ button in Wihi

Clicking the button opens up the Create task form. Enter a name and description for the task and its start and end dates (Figure 3). Finally, click the ‘Send’ button to send the task. Your tutor can see the tasks you have created and comment on them using the ‘Comments’ function.

You can create several tasks for the same thesis phase. If a task is actually part of the next phase, you can continue to complete tasks even if the thesis tutor approves the phase you are in.

Creating a task in Wihi
Figure 3. Creating a task in Wihi

You can mark the progress status of a task (Figure 4). When you start a task, set the status to ‘task in progress’. When the task is complete, change the status to ‘task completed’.

Task progress and status selection in Wihi
Figure 4. Task progress and status selection in Wihi

Sending a message in Wihi

You can communicate with your tutor at any phase in the thesis process. This is done using the Send comment button in Comments field. The message appears on the tutor’s Wihi desktop. In Comments field, you can also see messages sent to you by your tutor (Figure 5).

Comments field in Wihi
Figure 5. Comments field in Wihi

Uploading a file in Wihi

You can send your work to the tutor for review and comments at the different phases of the thesis project. You can upload your work to Wihi using the Upload file button in Files (Figure 1).

Uploading work to Wihi
Figure 1. Uploading work to Wihi

After the work is uploaded, it will be viewable in Files to both you and your tutor. Your tutor can also upload files to Wihi. You can view and open them in Files field.

NB: When you submit your work for comment using the “Send for external comments” feature, the messages and uploaded files will be displayed under “Statements by interest groups” after submission.