2.1 Development of a service, product or production

A thesis produced through a service, product or production provides the student with an opportunity to delve into and focus on solving a specific practical problem. A thesis that is produced in this way often rises from the needs of working life, with the aim of developing practical operations.

The completed thesis consists of two parts. The first part of the thesis contains the documentation and the second part the operative part. The results are always based on the professional knowledge base of the professional field concerned.

Possible outcomes include an exhibition, event, guide, electronic material or other concrete output or project implementation process.

Example structure (to serve as a template for the table of contents)

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review, 20–30 pages
  3. Purpose and objective of the thesis
  4. Product development process and the methods used, data and data analysis
  5. Output: Product/service/event
  6. Analysis and assessment of the output, conclusions and applicability