2.2 Research-based development assignment

In research-based development work, the main focus is on working life development, which is carried out with a research-based approach. It strongly combines concrete development activities with the application of research methods and the analysis of the data received. The starting point is a practical problem and questions emerging from working life that guide the provision of information in a practical operating environment.

Example structure (to serve as a template for the table of contents)

  1. Introduction
  2. Theoretic-conceptual points of departure (change the heading to correspond to the content of your thesis)
  3. Purpose, objectives and research questions of the development assignment (can also be as chapter 2)
  4. Implementation
    1. Method of the development assignment
    2. Development assignment data and its collection, as well as its description
    3. Analysis of data
    4. Ethicality (can also be discussed together with reliability in the discussion section)
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
    1. Reliability (and ethicality)
    2. Discussion of the main results in view of the theoretical framework of the first section
    3. Conclusions and development proposals