Meeting times

Thesis counsellors, teachers, career tutors, study counsellors, student services and other staff contributing to guidance may suggest/create a meeting time for an individual student or for a student group.

Available meeting times

Click Meeting time button in Student´s desktop. The meeting times are listed under the name of the person who suggests a meeting.

List od appointments

Click on the name of the person you wish to meet to open more detailed information about the meeting:

  • Meeting time
  • Meeting subject
  • The number of people who have accepted the meeting and the number of people to whom the meeting is suggested

Confirming an appointment

  • Click the + Add appointment button in front of the reservation information to add yourself in the reservation.
  • NOTE! Do not use the message field although is there
  • Confirm appointment pressing Confirm button

The appointment is added to your calendar.

Appointment synchronizes also in to your Outlook if you have chosen in Outlook synchronization settings if I am attached to reservation via persons field – other than teaching related reservations.

In addition, the reservation is now displayed in bold in the Meeting times view of the Student’s Desktop.

Cancelling a meeting

To cancel a meeting after confirmation, click the x icon after the meeting row. Click the Cancel appointment button to confirm the cancellation.

Cancel appointment