Classroom Booking in Tuudo

Both students and staff can reserve rooms in Tuudo with the same reservations rights they have in Peppi.

Select Reservations from Tuudo’s menu

From Tuudos menu choose Reservations
  • On the first tab you can see your favourite rooms and the facilities or equipment to which you have the right to book.
  • In the upper right corner you can view all bookings you have made by clicking on the My Reservations button
  • If you have the right to book, the Reserve button allows you to view the room´s calendar and make a reservation.
You see from the front page all the rooms you have reservations rights and those you have marked as favorites

Making a Reservation

  • Click the Reserve button next to the room you want reserve. The room calendar will open.
  • Find the time that suits you and click on the calendar. You can use your finger to move around to edit the time
  • At the top right, click on Confirm
Time selections is automatically choosed, then click Confirm
  • The name of the reservation is a required field, enter the subject of the reservation in it
  • You can still edit the start and end time of your reservation if you need to
  • When the information is ready, click Reserve
Add in Tuudo reservation form the title and if needed change the time. At the end click Reserve
  • You can see your bookings in the room´s calendar, under My reservations and in Peppi.
Peppi shows reservations made in Tuudo

Making a Reservation by Time Range

  • If you have to make a reservation in specific time and you want to see available rooms on that time choose Time bar from Reservations front page.
  • Edit the time if needed. Then click Confirm button
You can search rooms within time range. You can change the time if needed. When you´re ready click Confirm
  • You see list of rooms which are free on that timeperiod. Click Reserve from the room you want and reserve it.

Edit and Cancel Reservation

  • You can see all the bookings you have made under My reservations
  • You can cancel a reservation by clicking the Cancel reservation button
  • To edit a booking, click on the Modify button.
  • After editing, save your booking
  • You can also edit your bookings in Peppi.
When you click My reservations button you see all the reservations you have made in Tuudo