Where’s my classroom?

You can see your schedules in Peppi and room code tells you which campus, wing or floor reservations is held. Tuudo app shows in a map where on campus room is and on which floor. If you have given Tuudo app permission to use your location you can see yourself also in the map.

Room code begins with campus code. After that is wing, floor and last one in room number.

Main campus

Main campus is in address Rajakatu 35.

You can download a map (pdf) about main campus rooms in every wing and floor

  • Main campus´ building code is R35.
  • There’s 7 wings in Main campus: A – G
    • K = basement
    • P = ground floor
  • There’s floors from basement to the 4th floor in Main campus. The number of floors varies between wings
  • For example 1: R35BP15 = Main campus, B wing, the ground floor, room BP15.
  • For example 2: R35G201 = Main campus, G wing, the 2nd floor, room G201.

Lutakko campus

Lutakko campus consist of two buildings, Dynamo and Turbiini. Dynamo is located in Piippukatu 2 and Turbiini in Piippukatu 3.

  • Dynamo building’s code is P2, Turbiini’s is P3.
  • There’s 5 floors in Dynamo. There’s only the 2nd floor in use in Turbiini
  • In Dynamo room number begins in letter D and in Turbiini letter K
  • Example 1: P2_D306 = Dynamo building, the 3rd floor, room D30
  • Example 2: P3_K213 = Turbiini building, the 2nd floor, room K213

Institute of Bioeconomy

Institute of Bioeconomy is located in Saarijärvi, in address Tuumalantie 17.

  • Institute of Bioeconomy’s code is Tu17L
  • There’s only 1 floor
  • For example Tu17L121 = Institute of Bioeconomy, the 1st floor, room 121

Finnish Music campus

Campus is located in Pitkäkatu 18 – 22.

  • Campus’s code is P18.
  • There’s floors from P to the 2nd floor.
    • P = Ground floor
  • For example P18_118 = Finnish music campus, the 1st floor, room 118.